Senior Solutions:

Let a nursing professional find a senior home for your loved one.

Our Mission:

To connect seniors to safe and secure senior homes and assisted livings where they can thrive while maintaining their independence.

Let us bring you peace of mind by walking with you through the process! Don’t go alone: trust our deep knowledge of local options and medical expertise.

What sets our services apart:


Boutique-Style Customer Service

Senior Solutions provides boutique-style customer service: we make sure we’ve gotten to know you and are available seven days a week!


Onsite Assesment

Our Senior Solutions nurse provides an onsite assessment of your loved one as part of our boutique-style customer service.


Home Tours

Senior Solutions will set up appointments for families to tour senior homes.


Act as Liaison

Senior Solutions will accompany families on the senior home tours to help answer questions, educate on California requirements and act as a liaison on your behalf.



Senior Solutions will also have a follow up visit to your loved one to see how they are adjusting to their new home environment and bring a “Welcome gift”.

LVN Spotlight: Pauline

Hello, I’m Pauline Hampton, LVN with Senior Solutions.

Being raised with many aunts, uncles and cousins, family is important to me. I’m confident that our team takes a special interest in each individual who needs care.

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, I have worked with hundreds of families and understand that senior living planning can be stressful.

We offer a boutique style service by doing background checks on senior homes, setting up appointments, and then touring the homes with you.

Why choose us?

✔ All initial assessments by Licensed Nurse
✔ Personal, in-depth assessments provided on-site to all clients
✔ Senior home / assisted living tour setup and scheduling
✔ We tour senior homes/assisted living with you!
✔ Extremely high retention rate, backed by many positive testimonials and stories

Our process:

Is it time for a senior home?

1/3 of adults 65 years and older fall each year, resulting in over 95% of hip fractures. This injury is debilitating, but highly preventable through services provided by a senior care home.

A senior home offers peace of mind when it’s no longer practical to live alone.

Senior Homes Can Help Prevent "Senior Falls" By Offering:

  • Non-skid material on hard floors and firm carpet to prevent falls and ease walking
  • Grab bars in bathrooms and showers with emergency call bells
  • Insurance may provide physical therapy which promotes balance and strength

Why choose a senior home?

  • Enjoy delicious fresh meals prepared onsite and served in a dining atmosphere!
  • Enjoy making new friends and warm conversations!
  • Enjoy the comfort and security of knowing you’re not home alone!

Stories from Nurses

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